Amazing Rv Trip Across America | Cape Cod to Yellowstone

rv trip across america

Are you thinking about planning an Rv trip across America? Have you always wanted to visit Yellowstone National Park? What about visiting the Badlands National Park, or the Gateway Arch. Maybe thinking about visiting Niagara Falls? Let’s not forget Mount Rushmore and Devils Tower? 

Do you need ideas to help plan such a great trip? Well, then you are in luck. 

Our Rv trip from Cape Cod to Yellowstone includes all of these great sites and more. For 21 days we traveled across America, and through Canada, on an epic Rv trip across America. 

Here we have included our itinerary along with reviews of the Rv parks we visited, and the numerous National Park sites we stopped at. As well as a few more memorable moments along the way. 

Grand Prismatic | Yellowstone
Grand Prismatic | Yellowstone

Our Route Across America

Planning an Rv Trip Across America 

Planning an epic Rv trip across America is no small feat. We will start our planning process in the previouse fall. Of course, everyone is different in how they plan for their travels.  

We prefer to have all our reservations made ahead of time. Especially if we are on the road for a few weeks at a time. However, others may feel better planning as they travel. 

Planning for a trip this length is worthy of its own post in the future. If you subscribe to our newsletter (shameless plug) we will notify you when a new post is published!

Our hope is that while you are planning your trip that this page will help you along the way. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about planning a trip like this. We would be more than happy to share some ideas. 

Visiting the National Parks

This was our second cross-country Rv trip as a family. On our first trip to the Grand Canyon, we fell in love with the National Park System. Therefore, we dedicated this trip to see as many National Park Sites as possible. The National Park Service did not disappoint. 

This trip took us to 4 Parks, 2 National Historic Sites, and 2 National Monuments.

Check the links to the right to learn about all of these amazing places and our experiences.

Visiting Canada

Our first stop as we headed west was Niagara Falls in Ontario Canada. This was the first, but not the last, time our Rv travels would take us outside of the United States. While visiting Big Bend National Park we crossed the border into Boquillas Mexico. 

Make sure to check out the Niagara Falls page to see what is necessary to enter and return from Canada. For us it was a relatively simple process, and well worth the trip across the border.  

Memorable Moments Along Our Rv Trip to Yellowstone National Park

A random stop that brought us to the amazing Dignity Statue

Visting the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site

Sitting in a nuclear missile launch room at Minuteman Missile Historic Site



Traveling in an Rv is an amazing way to make memories, and see the country. We hope that the lessons we learned traveling around the country will be able to help you, and your family. 

If you’re just thinking about just visiting the National Parks, our reviews help as well. 

If you need help planning a long trip with your family, and looking for ideas please feel free to reach out to use. We will be happy to help in any way possible. 

We love to hear from our followers. Please leave a comment below. 

Have you visited Yellowstone National Park? Have you driven cross country in your RV travels? Do you have any recommendations for a trip to Yellowstone?

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Cape Cod to Yellowstone National Park Itinerary and Reviews 

Cape Cod to Yellowstone Home Page

Day 1 –  526 miles – Niagara Falls, Ontario 

Day 3 – 426 miles – Coloma St Joseph KOA, Michigan 

Day 4 – 392 miles – Waterloo Iowa 

Day 6 – 471 miles – Kennebec Koa, South Dakota

Day 7 – 108 miles  – Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Day 10 – 267 miles – Buffalo KOA, Wisconsin 

Day 11 – 245 miles – Yellowstone National Park

Day 15 – 200 miles – Sleeping Bear, Wyoming 

Day 16 – 438 miles – Ogalla KOA, Nebraska  

Day 17 – 497 miles – Kansas City East KOA, Missouri 

Day 18 – 222 miles – St Louis Rv Park, St Louis  

Day 20 – 377 miles – Lebanon Cincinnati KOA, Ohio 

Day 21 – 856 Miles – Home 

Memorable Stops

Herbert Hoover N.H.S.

Minuteman Missile N.H.S.

Mount Rushmore N.P.

Devils Tower N.M.

Yellowstone N.P.

Grand Tetons N.P.

Gateway Arch N.P.

Dignity Statue

Trip Totals 

21 days

4 National Parks | 2 National Historic Sites | 2 National Monuments |

5,025 miles

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