Buffalo KOA Journey, Wyoming | Campground Review

The Buffalo KOA Journey was our last one-night stop prior to arriving at Yellowstone National Park. This is a great place to set up in order to enjoy the Bighorn Mountains. If you are like us and looking for a great stop to or from Yellowstone then this is the place.

Powder River Pass | Bighorn Mountains Wyoming
Powder River Pass | Bighorn Mountains Wyoming

Getting to the Buffalo KOA Journey

The Buffalo KOA Journey is easily accessible from either I-90 or I-25. 

Traveling on I-90 you take exit 58. Then west on Hwy 16 for approximately 2 miles. 

Coming from I-25 you take Exit 299. Then east on Hwy 16 for approximately 1 mile. 

Along both of these routes, you will find KOA signs that will lead you to the park. 

Campground Amenities 

The amenities here are what you would expect from a KOA campground. However, we felt you got a little more than expected since is classified as a KOA Journey. You can learn more about the KOA classifications on our KOA Campgrounds blog post. 

There are a number of different RV sites that offer privacy, and level concrete pads. They offer patio sites that are fenced in and offer great privacy. 

There is a clean store on site that offers all your camping needs. In addition, they offer a 24-hour laundry room. 

The KOA offers a small, and well-kept swimming pool. 

Buffalo KOA Journey Store

Buffalo, Wyoming KOA  Review 

This was a clean, and pleasant KOA Journey. Most of the Journey-type KOAs we have stayed at are small and designed for a one-night stop. This was different.  The sites offered patios, and the campground was very well maintained. The staff was great. In addition, the pool and bathrooms were clean and well maintained. 

This is a perfect spot to enjoy the beauty that Wyoming has to offer. Whether it is a one-night stopover or a multi-night stay, you will not be disappointed. 

Our Buffalo KOA Journey Experience 

For us, his was a one-night stop between Badlands N.P. and Yellowstone. 

Although we were only there for one night our stay was certainly memorable. 

Shortly after checking into the site, it began to rain. Not just a light rain, but heavy torrential rain. Shortly after that, we all received tornado warnings on our cell phones.  

Of course, this was also a planned laundry day. Knowing that we would be in Yellowstone for four days we wanted to ensure the laundry was done. So we spent most of our stay here running between the laundry room, and our site, in the rain. 

We do hope to someday return to Buffalo, Wyoming, and enjoy the scenery without heavy rains. 

We love to hear from our followers. Please leave a comment below. 

Have you camped in Wyoming? Do you have any questions or comments regarding the Buffalo Wyoming KOA?

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