Cross Country Road Trips

We spend the majority of the camping season as weekend warriors. However, we have also been blessed to be able to go on a number of cross country RV road trips. Here we share our cross country road trip itineraries and reviews. You can use this information to plan your own amazing road trips. 

All of our road trips start from our home in Massachusetts. Understandably, you may have a different starting point. However, you may find yourselves along the same highways, and in some of the same locations. Therefore, these road trip itineraries can help you plan your own awesome road trip. 

Each road trip page includes a review of every campground we stayed at, tips on visiting National Parks along the way, and highlights some great unique roadside attractions. 

Cross Country Road Trips

Outer Banks KOA Resort
Outer Banks KOA Resort

We are a weekend warrior family of four who travels around the country in a small RV.

We have RV camped in 33 different States, visited 14 National Parks, and 17 National Park Sites. 

Being self-proclaimed National Park Geeks we are on a mission to see as many as possible!  

We hope our blog will inspire other families to spend time together, and create lifelong memories. 

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