American Cross-Country Rv Road Trips

Grand Canyon Rv Camping

We spend the majority of our camping seasons as weekend warriors. However, we have also been blessed to be able to go on a number of cross-country RV road trips. On this page, we are happy to share our American cross-country road trip itinerary and reviews. 

Planning multi-week cross-country RV road trips can be overwhelming. This is especially true for that very first trip. Some of the questions new Rv owners may struggle with include: Where do we camp? What is the best route to take? Do we stick to highways or backroads? What unique attractions are on the way? 

All of our travels start and end from our home on Cape Cod. However, it is our that by sharing our itineraries, campground reviews, and memorable stops other Rv travelers will be able to answer some of the planning questions they may have. 

Cross-Country Rv Road Trips

To learn about each of our amazing cross-country RV road trips just click on the link below to be taken to that particular trip’s home page.


Traveling cross-country over a period of weeks requires a lot of pre-planning ahead of time. Well ahead of time we start our planning process by using sites such as:

Google Maps 

National Park Site 


These all help us plan an itinerary, find campgrounds, and ensure we have a place to stay nightly before hitting the road. Of course, some rather hit the road and make reservations as they travel. That works as well. However, we feel a little bit better knowing ahead of time we have a place to park the RV nightly. 

The National Parks are a big part of our travels, and we often plan our trips around National Park Service sites we have yet to visit. 

Keep In Touch

Our site is continually being updated as we add more content, and continue to travel.  In addition to finishing the Yellowstone and Big Bend Pages, we are planning another cross-country trip to Nashville.

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Traveling cross country in an RV can seem overwhelming when you first start. However, the benefit is well worth the investment in our opinion.

The reason we travel in our Rv is to create lifelong memories with our family. 

We have stood on the rim of the Grand Canyon with our children, stared down wild Bison in Yellowstone, and traveled to the top of St. Louise Arch, and much much more. 

We hope that this page will help other families get out on the road, and travel around America. You will not regret it. 

We love to hear from our followers. Please leave a comment below. 

Have you traveled cross-country in an Rv or other vehicles? What is the furthest you have traveled? Do you have any tips for RV owners looking to travel cross-country? 

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