Cross County Rv Journey to Big Bend

Our third cross-country RV journey was from Cape Cod to the desert of Texas, and New Mexico. An Rv trip to Big Bend National Park is a great way to see the desert, and what the huge state of Texas has to offer. 

We understand that not everyone reading our page will be traveling from Cape Cod. However, we hope that if you live anywhere along the path we took you may benefit from the information here. In addition, if you are planning on stopping at any of the campgrounds, or parks, we hope our reviews will help. 

Big Bend RV camping
Big Bend East Entrance

Our Route to Big Bend National Park 

The National Parks 

Part of our mission with the website is to help others get out and CAMP, EXPLORE the world around them and help PROTECT the environment. We do this by sharing our National Park camping tips, exploring the parks ourselves, and then passing on what we have learned. This RV trip to Big Bend was no different. 

In addition to Big Bend, this trip included stops at Hot Springs National Park, White Sands National Park, Antietam National Battlefield and Cemetery, and the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. 

A great way to learn, for free, while visiting the National Parks is to participate in the Jr. Ranger program. This is a great program that helps visitors of all ages learn.

Memorable Moments Along the Rv Trip to Big Bend

Rv travel is about more than just traveling from one point to another. In our opinion, it is about all the unique, and memorable things you come across as you travel the country. This trip includes memorable moments such as: 

Stopping At a Lonely Prada Store in The Middle of the Texas Desert. 

Drinking from the Hot Springs of Arkansas

Touring the Alamo 

A Birds Eye View of San Antonio from the Tower of the Americas

Searching for Aliens in Roswell, New Mexico 

Viewing the Initials of George Washington Carved in the Side of Virginia’s Natural Bridge. 


An RV trip to Big Bend can seem intimidating at first. However, it is an amazing trip that all National Park lovers need to add to their to-do list. Big Bend offers amazing views, and one of the most awe-inspiring night skies in the country.

Regardless of where you call home, we hope that this page will help you make the trip to Southwest Texas. In addition, we will continue to update all the campgrounds, and Parks we visited to help you make plans.

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We love to hear from our followers. Please leave a comment below. 

Have you ever gone on a cross-country road trip? Have you visited Big Bend or any of the other Parks mentioned here? Is there something you would like to learn about or share here?

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Cape Cod to Big Bend National Park Itinerary and Reviews 

Cape Cod to Big Bend Homepage

Day 1 – 506 miles –  Hagerstown / Antietam Battlefield KOA, Maryland  

Day 2 – 176 miles –  Natural Bridge / Lexington KOA, Virginia 

Day 3 – 469 miles – Nashville KOA Resort, Tennessee  

Day 4 – 406 miles – Hot Springs National Park KOA, Arkansas  

Day 6 – 497 miles – Austin Lone Star Resort, Texas  

Day 9 – 70 miles – San Antonio / Alamo KOA, Texas 

Day 11 – 416 miles – Big Bend National Park, Texas 

Day 14 – 373 miles – Alamogordo / White Sands KOA, New Mexico  

Day 16 – 484 Miles – Elk City / Clinton KOA, Oklahoma 

Day 17 – 379 miles – Springfield / Route 66 KOA, Missouri  

Day 18 – 503 miles – Louisville South KOA, Kentucky

Day 19 – 570 miles – Bellefonte / State College KOA, Pennsylvania  

Day 20 – 468 miles – Home

Memorable Stops 

Antietam National Battlefield and Cemetery

Hot Springs National Park 

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

The Alamo

Natural Bridge State Park

Prada of Marfa Texas 

Roswell, New Mexico  

White Sands National Park 

Trip Totals 

20 Days 

3 National parks |2 National Historic Sites | 1 State Park 

5,317 Miles Traveled. 

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