Enjoy A Scenic RV Road Trip to Nashville, TN

We typically spend the entire month of August living in the RV and going on amazing road trips with our kids. Our RV Road Trip to Nashville, TN was our fifth long-distance road trip. However, for a number of reasons we had less time on the road this particular trip. So we made the best of it and headed south to Music City. 

Of course, we included some awesome National Park Service locations during this trip. In addition to the National Parks, we stopped at a few unique roadside attractions and enjoyed a day of white water rafting. 

If you are planning a trip to Nashville, the Great Smokey Mountains, or even the New River Gorge this page is sure to help you out.

Nashville KOA Resort
Nashville KOA Resort

Our Travel Route to Nashville 

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National Park Locations

Part of our mission with the website is to help promote the National Park System. We encourage other families to get outside and, Explore the world around them. Learn new things, and Protect the environment and historical locations. We do this by exploring National Park Service locations ourselves and passing on what we have learned. 

On this trip, we were able to include stops at the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, New River Gorge National park, and the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park. 

A great way to learn for free while visiting the National Parks is to participate in the Jr. Ranger program. This is a great program that helps visitors of all ages learn. Its’ motto is Explore, Learn, Protect. It is these three things we try to promote with this site. 

Memorable Stops During Our Rv RV Road Trip to Nashville

Rv travel is about more than just traveling from one point to another. In our opinion, it is about all the unique, and memorable things you come across as you travel the country. This trip includes memorable moments such as: 

  1. Visiting Tennessee and Virginia, at the same time. 
  2. Standing  6,643 feet on the highest point in Tennessee
  3. White Water Rafting in West Virginia
  4. Eating BBQ, and Listening to Live Music in Downtown Nashville


This trip may have been shorter than some of our other road trips. However, we made the best of it and had an awesome time traveling to Nashville. 

 Our goal is simple. We want to help others get outside, travel, and learn as much as possible. It is a good bet you are not following the same exact route we did. However, if you are driving to Nashville, or south along the Shenandoah Valley this page can help you find fun things to do. 

We love to hear from our followers. Please leave a comment below. 

Have you ever visited Nashville Tennesee? Or maybe the Great Smoky Mountains? Are there any other interesting sites east of the Mississippi you would like to share or learn about? 

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Cape Cod to Nashville Itinerary and Reviews 

Cape Cod to Nashville Homepage

Day 1 – 597 miles – Shenandoah / Harrisonburg KOA, Virginia 

Day 2 – 357 miles – Greenbriar Campground, Tennessee 

Day 3 – Smoky Mountains National Park

Day 4 – 225 miles – Nashville KOA Resort. Tennessee

Day 5 – Nashville, Tennessee

Day 6 – 95 miles – Horse Cave KOA, Kentucky

Day 7 – Mammoth Cave National Park

Day 8 – 354 miles – Adventures on the Gorge Campground, West Virginia

Day 9 – New River Gorge National Park

Day 10 – 774 miles – Home

Memorable Stops 

Bristol Tennesee / Bristol Virginia

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park

White Water Rafting, New River Gorge

Trip Totals 

10 Days

2 National Parks

1 National Historic Site

2,402 Miles Traveled 

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