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Owning an Rv is a huge commitment. Unfortunately, many people are hesitant to jump into the Rv lifestyle because they believe they don’t have the time to commit to all the traveling. However, becoming an Rv weekend warrior will allow you to travel and enjoy the Rv world. 

Of course, it is awesome to be able to travel around the country in an Rv. Unfortunately, this is unrealistic for most working families. So becoming an Rv weekend warrior is the key to getting the most out of your Rv, and will allow you to make lifelong memories. 

Are you afraid that Weekend trips are too short and too stressful?

We agree that if not done correctly that this can certainly be the case. Weekend trips can leave you feeling exhausted and unprepared for the week ahead.

After many weekend trips, and learning the hard way, we have put together this list of Rv weekend warrior tips. 

If you follow these tips weekend getaways in an Rv can be enjoyable and relaxing. If you are new to the RV world be sure to check out our tips for new RVers.

CapeRvTravelers Top 10 Rv Weekend Warrior Tips

#1 Take Friday Or Monday off 

Although this may be difficult for some this is an important tip. This will allow you a full three days to get away and relax.

We have left for our weekend gateways on Friday after work and unfortunately arrive at the campground after dark. This shortens the trip dramatically.

The purpose of Rv weekend warrior trips is to get away and relax. The sooner you can get to the campground, get set up, and the campfire lit the sooner you can leave the stresses of home behind.

Saco | Old Orchard Beach KOA
Saco | Old Orchard Beach KOA

#2 Research Campgrounds Ahead of Time

We have found this tip to be extremely important. Especially if you are just going for a quick weekend trip. The point of the RV weekend warrior trip is to get away for a few days and relax. Therefore, it is important to ensure the campground is going to accommodate this. We are fans of the KOA campgrounds. They may be a little more expensive but most are family-friendly and have plenty to do for all. However, even with the KOA’s, we make sure to research ahead of time. 

In our earlier camping days, we ended up at some sketchy campgrounds with our looking into them. Fortunately, there are many websites and blogs that can help you research Rv campgrounds. 

Nickerson State Park | 40 Minutes From Home
Nickerson State Park | 40 Minutes From Home

 #3 Try to Stay Close to Home.

This seems almost self-explanatory. You certainly don’t want to spend the majority of your weekend warrior trip behind the steering wheel. 

In addition, we have learned to stay local in an effort not to miss family events, etc. If you can find a local campground you can enjoy the benefits of relaxing around the campground, and at the same time travel to family events. 

We recommend keeping the driving to 2 hours or less for Rv weekend warrior trips. Remember, the purpose is to enjoy a weekend getaway. Therefore, try to spend as little time driving as possible. 

 #4 Keep the Rv Stocked 

We restock the Rv after each trip. Our Rv has its own bed linens, kitchen utensils, and other important supplies. We also keep sweatshirts, flashlights, and beach supplies in the Rv. 

This way when it comes time to pack a lot of what is on the checklist is already in the Rv. 

The week leading up to the weekend trip is often busy and full of preparation. We have learned that keeping the Rv stocked with its own supplies helps make the preparation much easier.

Final Preparation Day
Final Preparation Day

#5 Use A Checklist 

Preparing for a weekend trip while continuing to work, raising a family, and getting through the week can get overwhelming. We learned early on to create a checklist to use when preparing the Rv. 

As mentioned above a lot of our stuff is stored in the Rv during the season. Yet, we still go through it without a checklist and ensure we have everything we need. 

 Make sure that the checklist includes all that you need and all that the Rv needs. The last thing you want to do is show up at the campground to realize you forgot your potable water hose, or maybe the grill. 

We use two checklists. One for the inside living supplies, and one for the outside or Rv essentials. This way two people can each have a checklist, and limit the time they need to dedicate while ensuring everything is packed and ready. 

#6 Prepare Slowly During the Week.

You don’t want to wait until the last minute to pack up for a quick weekend trip. We have found that if we rush through the preparation just before leaving we leave things behind, and everyone has stressed already as the trip is just beginning. 

Our method is to start the weekend before. This way we can get through the checklist, and ensure we pick up anything we may need for the trip. During the week leading up the kids can start packing their stuff. Usually, mid-week we will go food shopping for the upcoming weekend, and stock the Rv with the needed food. 

If you take your time and prepare slowly during the week leading up to the weekend you will be ready to relax as soon as you pull out of the driveway. 

Campground Breakfast
Campground Breakfast

#7 Have a Regular Weekend Menu 

We have found at times on the most difficult part to plan is the menu. Who wants to stress out by having to come up with a menu for every meal over the weekend? 

When traveling just for the weekend we keep the same menu most of the time. This makes planning and shopping during the week much easier. 

Saturday breakfast is normally pancakes, eggs, sausage or bacon, and maybe homefries. Sunday is normally a quicker breakfast such as bagels, or cereal, or egg and cheese sandwiches. 

Dinner for Saturday is most often burgers and dogs. Lunch is simply cold-cut sandwiches. 

We keep this routine so we don’t have to go through the hassle of trying to figure out what to eat for the weekend, and what we need at the grocery store. 

#8 Grab Dinner on The Road The First Night.

The first night is a busy enough day for the Rv weekend warrior. There is the travel time, then set up at the campground, and getting everything situated. We recommended making this first evening a little easier by grabbing dinner on the road. 

Of course, the goal of the first day, or evening, is to get to the campground at a reasonable time. Therefore, it is easier to grab dinner to go. You can get to the campground, set up, and dinner is already waiting for you. Of course, those that are a little less patient can eat dinner while traveling to the campground as well. 

Laundry Waiting to Be Done
Laundry Waiting to Be Done

#9 Enforce Team Clean Up When Returning Home. 

When you return home it’s important to have a system in place where everyone, kids included, helps unpack the Rv. We get to work right after we arrive in the driveway. Everyone has an assigned task to help clean up the Rv. 

Much like preparing the Rv, we also have a checklist for the return home. The priority is food and dirty laundry removal. Of course, everyone has to remove the personal items they brought along, Then during the week we can slowly clean, and repack the Rv for the next adventure. 

#10 Consider Seasonal Camp Sites 

If you are worried about not having enough time to pack, or not getting enough use of the Rv then a seasonal site may be your answer. 

This will help eliminate the stress of having to pack and unpack, for every trip. All the supplies can be left at the Rv for the entire season. It also will encourager you to go more often. You don’t have to worry about researching campgrounds, and looking for reservations. 

Of course, if the seasonal site is close to home then Rv weekend warrior getaways are much easier. 

Moose Hillock Camping Resort N.H.
Our Site at Moose Hillock

Our Experience as Weekend Warriors 

Although we have traveled across the country a number of times we are truly Rv weekend warriors. We spend one weekend a month, six months out of the year, camping in our Rv. 

Some of our weekend trips have been only a town or two away from home. Others have been 6-8 hours away. 

There have been many lessons learned, often the hard way, during these weekend getaways.

Weekend RV getaways are a great way to get away, relax, and reconnect with the family.

We hope that sharing these 10 steps to a great Rv weekend warrior trip will help you have an enjoyable, and stress-free weekend Rv getaway. 

We love to hear from our followers. Please leave a comment below. 

Do you have any weekend warrior tips to share? Do you regularly do weekend trips in your Rv? Where was your favorite Rv weekend getaway?

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