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The Grand Canyon National Park is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Most everyone has seen pictures of this natural wonder, and many have wished to see it in person. However, there are no pictures that can do this natural beauty justice. To be able to stand on the edge of the south rim, and look into the canyon is an amazing experience. Standing on the edge of the Garden Cayon and you kid saying “I can’t believe we are at the Grand Canyon!” makes the drive worth every mile. The biggest benefit of Rving is creating moments like that. Grand Canyon Rv camping is a great way to experience this. 

Grand Canyon National Park
Grand Canyon National Park

Visiting the Grand Canyon with our kids was one of our top goals when we bought our Rv. Our Grand Canyon family vacation was our first cross-country trip, and it did not let us down. Of all our cross-country trips our first to the Grand Canyon will always be one of the best. 

Eight days after leaving home, and close to 3,000 miles traveled, we arrived. This was the first National Park we had ever visited, and this visit would forever change how we traveled. 

We hope that this page will inspire others to visit the Grand Canyon, along with other National Parks, and create similar lifelong memories with their families. 

How to Get There

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is located on the Arizona side of the Canyon.

The South Rim has an airport and rail service and is a 60-minute drive from Interstate 40 and the town of Williams, Arizona – and 90 minutes from Flagstaff, Arizona, also on Interstate 40.

A larger city with a major airport, Phoenix, Arizona, is also south of Grand Canyon and is approximately a four-hour drive.

The North Rim of the park is more remote and harder to get to.

The North Rim is located on the Utah side of the Grand Canyon and the entrance station is 30 miles south of Jacob Lake on Highway 67.

Grand Canyon Rv Camping at Trailer Village Rv Park

Trailer Village RV Park | Grand Canyon N.P.
Trailer Village RV Park | Grand Canyon N.P.

Trailer Village Rv Park is the only park with full hookups in the park. This Rv park is very close to the Grand Canyons South Rim. The South Rim is the most accessible, and most popular, part of the park. 

The park offers paved pull-through sites for RVs up to 50 feet in length. Although the park offers full hookups there are limited amenities otherwise. There are no public bathrooms, showers, or laundry facilities in the park. Fortunately, with an RV we have our own bathroom and don’t rely on public bathrooms. You will need to be mindful of the laundry depending on your length of stay. If you are in need of laundry, and showers the nearby Mather Campground offers coin-operated showers and laundry.

Another thing to be aware of is that cell service, and WiFi, are limited to non-existent at the campground. All though this may be an inconvenience we found it was a nice break! 

 At the beginning of the campground, there is a village shuttle bus stop for the blue line. The Village Shuttle Bus is a 50 minute round trip shuttle ride that stops at many of the south rim attractions. 

There are a number of other camping options when visiting the Grand Canyon. However, if you are traveling in an RV, and wish to be close to all the action Trailer Village RV Park is a great option. 

South Rim | Blue Loop | Shuttle Stops
South Rim | Blue Loop | Shuttle Stops

The South Rim

Marcus and Bryce on South Rim of the Grand Canyon
Marcus and Bryce on South Rim of the Grand Canyon

We spent our time at the Grand Canyon along the South Rim. There is plenty to do here in addition to hiking, and enjoying the amazing views, to keep the family busy. 

The south rim trail is a 13-mile long trail along the south rim of the canyon. The trail is great for an easy day hike and provides amazing viewpoints of the Canyon. The majority of the trail is paved and easy to navigate. 

You can access the rim trail from any viewpoint in the Grand Canyon Village, or anywhere along Hermit Road. 

On the east end is Mather Point, and the National Parks South Rim visitor center. This is a great starting point for your adventures along the south rim. 

Grand Canyon Village Market Plaza

Grand Canyon N.P. Village Market Place
Grand Canyon N.P. Village Market Place

Within walking distance of Mather Point is the Grand Canyon Village Market Plaza. This is the center of the Grand Canyon Village. 

Here you will find Park Headquarters, the Canyon Village Market and Deli, Chase Bank, a US Post Office, and Yavapai Lodge with a restaurant, coffee shop, and tavern. The Market Plaza is within walking distance of Mather Campground and the adjacent Trailer Village RV Park.

Hiking Along the Bright Angel Trail

Hiking Bright Angel Trail | Grand Canyon N.P.
Hiking Bright Angel Trail | Grand Canyon N.P.

One of the best ways to appreciate the Grand Canyon is to go hiking. The Park offers numerous hiking trails all throughout the park. There are flat trails for easy day hikes, trails down into the canyon, and difficult rim-to-rim trails for more advanced hikers. We decided to hike down into the Canyon along the Angel Bright Trail

The trail originates at Grand Canyon Village on the south rim of the Grand Canyon, descending 4380 feet to the Colorado River. There are 6 stops along the trail to stop and rest. The trail is a steep maintained dirt trail that offers amazing views of the canyon. 

If you do plan to hike the Angel Bright Trail make sure you bring plenty of water. The hike up is much more difficult, and there is nowhere to stop for water along the trail.

You certainly need to plan for more time climbing back up than it took to get down the canyon. Although a well-maintained trail is still steep and can be difficult at times on the return hike. 

Our Picnic Lunch a Mile 1/2 Down the Grand Canyon

Lunch Inside the Grand Canyon
Lunch Inside the Grand Canyon

We decided to hike the Angel Bright Trail down to the first resthouse along the trail. From the trailhead down to the resthouse is a 1.5-mile hike, or 3 miles round trip. 

Knowing it could take some time, and that we may need a snack, we decided to pack lunch in our hiking bags. We all decided we wanted to stop and eat a picnic lunch down inside the Grand Canyon. 

At the 1.5 mile mark, there is a rustic, covered resthouse. It is nothing more than three brick walls, with a roof to protect you from the sun. We stopped here and enjoyed our packed lunch before heading back up the trail to the rim. 

Going on a hike down into the Grand Canyon for a picnic is something we will never forget. 

The Grand Canyon Junior Ranger Program

grand canyon junior ranger badge

When we first arrived we had no idea what to do at the Grand Canyon with kids. So like many others, we started at the National Park Visitor Center. We found a Park Ranger and asked where we should start to ensure our kids enjoy their time. It was then we were introduced to the National Parks Junior Ranger Program. 

To become a Junior Ranger you must complete a series of activities during a park visit, and share your answers with a park ranger. Many of the programs also require you to attend at least one Park Ranger-led program or talk. After completing all the activities you get sworn in by a Park Ranger and receive an official Junior Ranger Badge and Certificate. 

This is a free program, in the National Parks, that kids will enjoy and learn from. The Junior Ranger Program is not exclusive to the National Parks. Almost all of the sites, memorials, and monuments in the National Park Service offer the program. 

 We found a low-cost program, that helps educate our children, and allows us to see amazing sites all across the country. From that point on we knew that many of our travels would include the National Park Service, and the Junior Ranger Program. According to the National Park Service, there are over 200 Junior ranger programs. 

You can read our Junior Ranger Program post to learn about other programs we have participated in. 

Grand Cayon After Dark | A Grand View of the Milky Way

photo by @robert_denichilo
With all of its natural beauty and awe-inspiring views, one thing that truly mesmerized us and took our breath away was the night sky.
As a part of the Junior Ranger program, we had to attend a Ranger-led program. We choose to go on a stargazing trip with a Ranger, and will never forget it. 
There are so many great benefits to Grand Canyon RV camping.
We hope that our adventure and story help inspire others to hit the road and make some lifelong memories with their families.

We love to hear from our followers. Please leave a comment below. 

Have you ever visited the Grand Canyon National Park? If so, did you visit the South Rim, North Rim, or both? Did you see any wildlife? Is there more you would like to know about this amazing Park? 

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