RV Camping Near Zion National Park

After three days at the Grand Canyon National Park, it was time to head home. However, we still wanted to see a couple more parks in this area. At the time we didn’t know if we would ever return to this area and didn’t want to miss out. Our next stop was Zion National Park. We were fortunate to find an amazing stop for RV camping nearby. This campground is one of our favorite Rv parks we have been to so far.

Zion National Park is only about 240 miles north of the Grand Canyon. Lucky for us Bryce Canyon is less than 100 miles east of Zion. Fortunately, we were able to fit both of these parks into our itinerary before heading back home.

Zion N.P. Entrance Sign

Zion River Resort RV Park | Our Favorite Rv Campground to Date

Zion River RV resort
Zion River RV resort

Driving from the Grand Canyon to Zion River Resort

Zion River Resort is located at 551 E State Route 9 Virgin, UT.  Coming from the Grand Canyon it is about 240 miles to the north. It is an amazing drive through some awe-inspiring views. 

Our drive from the Grand Canyon to Zion was along 89 North to 89A. In Fredonia AZ we got onto 389 which brought us to Utah and 59. At the end of this ride, we arrived at the Zion River Resort.

Along this route, you will travel through the Navajo Tribal lands and the vast Arizona desert. One interesting site we stumbled upon was the historic Navajo Bridge

This is one of only seven crossings of the Colorado River. On the west side of the bridge is a small rest area with an interpretation center, book store, and restrooms. If traveling through this area, and you cross the Navajo Bridge, we recommend stopping at this rest area to enjoy the views and enjoy this small interpretation center. 

As mentioned this route travels through the Arizona desert. We highly recommended when going this route you fuel up anytime you come across an opportunity. There are few and far between in this part of the country.

Zion River Resort RV Park & Campground Review

Zion River Resort RV Park is ranked as one of the most beautiful Rv parks in the country. After camping in numerous campgrounds, throughout  32 different states  Zion River Resort is certainly one of our favorite campgrounds to date. In our opinion, this is the best camping near Zion National Park

The Rv park sits along the tranquil Virgin River. Surrounding the park are majestic views of the painted desert. We have yet to go to another Rv park with such amazing views.

Each site offers full hooks up and can accommodate any size Rv. All the sites have a fire ring picnic table and a tree for shade. Our picture shows each site separated by a well-maintained area of grass.

The staff during our stay was amazing, and the campground was meticulously maintained.

The park offers a shuttle for a small round trip fee to the National Park. The shuttle drops you off right at the entrance to the National Park and picks you up at the same spot in the afternoon. We had about 5 hours to tour and visit the Park.

The park includes a well-maintained pool, gift shop, and small store as well.

Without question, we highly recommend a stay at the Zion River Resort RV Park if you are planning a trip to the area.

Zion National Park

View from Zion Lodge | Zion N.P.
Zion National Park

This awesome park is located in southwestern Utah near the town of Springdale. The park is best known for Zion Canyon, which is about 15 miles long and up to 2,640 ft deep. The Virgin River runs through the canyon, this is the same canyon that the Rv park sits on.  It is this canyon that provides the amazing views the Park is known for along with the miles of hiking trails.

The National Park Service offers a shuttle system throughout the park. This shuttle runs from the visitor center along the Scenic Drive to destinations like the Zion Lodge and hiking trails, including Emerald Pools, West Rim Trail, and Temple of Sinawava where hikers depart for the Narrows. This is the only way to travel along the Scenic Drive as private vehicles are no longer allowed. 

Zion has a large and varied ecosystem. In addition, you could expect to see lizards, mule deer, and wild turkeys. Hopefully won’t run into some of the more dangerous animals, like mountain lions or rattlesnakes, on their vacations.

Hiking in Zion

Hiking Lower Emerald Pool Trail | Zion N.P.
Emerald Pools Trail | Zion N.P.

When visiting Zion the activity we highly recommend is hiking, and there are plenty of opportunities. Of course, Zion offers hiking trails from beginners up to the most experienced hikers. The trails through Zion offer unbelievable views of the canyon. 

We hiked along the Emerald Pools Trail and the Lower Emerald Pool Trail. Both of these are easy, level trails that offer amazing views of the mountains, and waterfalls. 

Zion National Park is best known for its difficult trail Angels Landing. This is a 5-mile round trip hike with an elevation gain of almost 1,500 feet. The trail is carved out of the rock formations making its way up to Angels Landing. At times all there is to hold onto are chains bolted in the rocks along the trail. 

All though we did not climb this trail it is certainly a bucket list-worthy hike for any hiker in Zion.

If you are planning an Rv trip to the Grand Canyon, and southwest Utah we highly recommend adding this park to your itinerary.

Equally important you can not go wrong by spending a few nights at the Zion River Resort RV Park. As a matter of fact, this park is one of the most beautiful parks in the country, and on the top of our list. 

We love to hear from our followers. Please leave a comment below. 

Have you ever visited the Zion National Park or the surrounding area? Were you able to go on any exciting hikes? Were you brave enough to climb Angels Landing? Is there more you would like to know about this amazing Park? 

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