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The first day of our very first cross-country RV trip was full of anticipation, and excitement. We left early in the morning, before the sunrise, and started our journey. Almost every part of this day was full of new sites. Our first day would take us to Fort Chiswell Rv Park in Virginia.

We left our home on Cape Cod and made way for I95 south. Knowing that we did not want to drive the Rv through New York City we got off at 287 and made way for the Tappan Zee, now Governor Cuomo, bridge.

After making our way through New York, New Jersey, and into Pennsylvania we started south on I81.

Interstate 81 goes south through the Shenandoah Valley and offers breathtaking views of the Appalachian Mountains. Views we had never before witnessed.

Our first day of travel covered 764 miles. This is a very long drive. However, we were full of excitement, and leaving the home around 4 am was no problem. Not for the adults anyway! We arrived at our first campground in the later afternoon just in time to start preparing dinner.

That first dinner, with the Rv on the road, is one we will never forget! The dinner itself was just hamburgers on the grill. However, on a hill overlooking the campground were a bunch of cows. This was the first time the kids had seen live cows, and they felt guilty eating hamburgers in front of them!

Campground Review

Fort Chiswelll Rv Park
Fort Chiswelll Rv Park

Fort Chiswell Rv Pak is located at 312 Fort Chiswell Road Max Meadows, VA. located right off I81 at exit 80.

It is a small campground that offers a great spot for a night while traveling. We were treated well by the staff and had a nice quiet night before hitting the road again.

If traveling along I81 north or south, and looking for a place to jump off the highway and spend a night this park is a perfect spot.

During our stay, there was little to do for the kids. The pool was closed, and there is a small playground.

Marcus at Fort Chiswell RV Park
Marcus at Fort Chiswell RV Park

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Have you ever visited Fort Chiswell Virginia? Are there other campgrounds along I-81 you would recommend? 

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