Bear Brook Camping | A Great Family Camping Destination

Bear Brook State Park in Allenstown, NH is a great location to relax, and enjoy camping with your family. For us, this Park was the beginning of CapeRvTravelers. Allthough at the time, we didn’t know it.

We have traveled cross-country a number of times. However, of all the places we have camped Bear Brook has a special place in our experience. This was the first campground we ever camped in. Of course, this first time was in a tent!

Read all about this awesome family campground, and learn how it influenced CapeRvTravelers.

Bear Brook State Park
Our First Camping Trip | 2013

 Bear Brook State Park Campground Location 

From I-93: Ex 9N onto Route 3/28 N and follow signs.

From I-95: Route 4 W to Route 28 S and follow signs.

Campground Facts and Amenities 

  • Bear Brook State Park protects  10,000 acres
  • Located in the southeast region of the state
  • The largest state park in New Hampshire.
  • Activities include camping, hiking, biking, archery, swimming, and fishing.
  • Has forty miles of trails through the heavily forested park.
  • Offers a 101 site campground at Beaver Pond and camping cabins at Bear Hill Pond.

Campground Review 

Bear Brook State Park
Our First Camp Site

The Bear Brook campground is your typical State Park campground. It is nestled deep in the dense forest of New Hampshire. Therefore, you truly feel separated from the cities in the area. Many of the sites are tent sites. However, there are a number of RV sites. Yet,  there are no hookups. Fortunately, there is a dump station in the park that can easily be accessed.

There is a small camp store that offers a small number of supplies. In addition, it offers plenty of souvenirs to help you remember your stay.

The campground sits right on Beaver Pond. Here you can go canoeing or kayaking. In addition, there is also a hiking trail that circles the entire pond. The campground also offers canoe and kayak rentals, coin-operated showers, ice, and firewood.

The State Park Rangers also offer guided hikes, and other educational activities throughout the day.

This is a beautiful State Park campground that is often full of families enjoying time away from the hustle and bustle of life. If you are looking for a quiet place to camp, and escape all the craziness of everyday life, then this is a great campground for you.

Every time we have camped at Bear Brook the park has been filled with families and kids. It is a great family experience and allows parents to relax while kids make friends and enjoy the great outdoors.

We highly recommend Bear Brook for a getaway for a few days to enjoy the outdoors.

Campground reservations can be made on the New Hampshire State Parks website. 

Our Bear Brook Experience | Evolution of CapeRvTravelers

Bear Brook State Park
Pre-RV Camping

Tent Camping at Bear Brook

Our first camping trip was certainly one to remember. We had our tent packed, some food, a dutch oven (the first time we ever used one), and headed to New Hampshire in Mom’s mini-van. Of course, it was just the boys because Mom is NOT a fan of tent camping. Hence, the future purchase of the RV!

This was a quick weekend trip for the three of us up to New Hampshire. We had some great laughs, and a memorable weekend we will never forget. In addition,  during this weekend trip, we learned some valuable camping lessons.

Out site was large and included a nice fire ring. It was located not too far from the bath house, and camp store. However, it was secluded enough that we had some privacy, and were able to enjoy our time.

Bear Brook State Park
Catching an Elusive Blue Cobra

Lessons Learned at Bear Brook 

  • Cooking pizza in a dutch oven is not as easy as it sounds.
  • Make sure all the doors to the minivan are closed at night, or you’ll end up with a dead battery.
  • Spiders enjoy sleeping under the rain tarp on top of the tent.
  • Check the air mattresses BEFORE you leave home.
  • There is nothing better than spending time away from home, work, and school with your family hunting rubber snakes, chasing each other around the playground, hanging around the campfire, and relaxing with your family.

RV Camping at Bear Brook State Park 

Bear Brook State Park
Our RV Site at Bear Brook

A few years after our first tenting experience at Bear Brook we returned. However, this time we traded the mini-van and tent for an RV.

There are a number of RV sites throughout the park. However, they do not offer any hookups.

The site had plenty of room for the RV and all of or RVing accessories.

Our return trip to Bear Brook

When we packed our tent, and cooler, into that mini-van and headed to New Hampshire for a weekend we had no idea what the future held.

We would have never believed that our camping adventures that started in a tent, sleeping on the ground, in the woods of New Hampshire, would eventually take us all over the country.

Little did we know this would be the trip that made s fall in love with traveling, and camping. This weekend’s getaway was the birth of the CapeRvTravelers. We have built this website to chronicle all of our camping adventures, and help others make sure they can make the same great memories. This all began with that first tenting trip.

Of course, over time we evolved from sleeping on air mattresses on the ground to the comforts of a bed in an RV. We evolved from trying to keep the food cold in a cooler for a weekend to grabbing something cold out of the refrigerator.

However, through all the years, all the trips, all the adventures one thing has remained the same. To this day we still pack the same Dutch Oven that we used at Bear Brook and still continue to master the art of cooking over a campfire.

We still haven’t figured out pizza over the campfire very well, but Bryce has one heck of a dutch oven donut recipe we have mastered!

We love to hear from our followers. Please leave a comment below. 

How did your camping adventures start? What was your first, or most memorable camping trip? 

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