How to Dig For Diamonds at Crater of Diamonds State Park

If you’re traveling through Arkansas, you should consider a stop at Crater of Diamonds State Park. The park is one of the only places in the world where the public can dig for diamonds. Of course, you can find other unique minerals as well.

Crater of Diamonds State Park is the world’s eighth-largest diamond-bearing volcanic crater and the only one open to the public. Crater of Diamonds includes a 37-acre field where you can dig for diamonds. In addition, any rock or mineral you find is yours to keep. In addition to diamonds, there are a number of other minerals in the field.

Crater of Diamonds State Park, Arkansas
Crater of Diamonds State Park, Arkansas

Crater of Diamonds State Park Location

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the diamonds real? Is it possible to find a REAL diamond while visiting Crater of Diamonds? Why is there a diamond field in Arkansas?

The 37-acre plowed field is the top of an eroded surface of an ancient, diamond-bearing volcanic crater. As the field is plowed and eroded the minerals, including diamonds, are exposed.

On average, visitors find two diamonds per day at Crater of Diamonds State Park. Since the official opening of the field as a state park, visitors have found over 29,000 diamonds!

The Uncle Sam diamond is the largest diamond found. This is the largest diamond ever found in the United States. The uncut gem weighed in at. 40.23 carats

Leaving the Camp Site to Dig for Diamonds

What You Will Need to Dig for Diamonds 

Technically you could get lucky and find a diamond on the surface. However, most enjoy digging and sifting through the dirt. You can rent equipment from the park. However, we recommend bringing your own.

  1. Keep an eye on the weather. Rain will turn the field into the mud! In addition, prepare for the Arkansas heat, and sun.
  2. Bring tools and a bucket. We brought a small shovel and a bucket. We used these to collect soil. However, we did rent the sifting screen. Once we collected the soil we went to the sifting stations. Here you can use the water to sift through the soil.
  3. Pack snacks and drinks. Again, being in the sun all day can take its toll on you. Backpacks are allowed out in the field. We highly suggest packing snacks and drinks for the day. Especially if you are visiting during the summer.
  4. Dress Appropriately. We recommended wearing old sneakers or rubber boots.  In addition plan on getting dirty, and wearing clothes you are willing to mess up. If digging in the summer you may want a hat as well.
Sifting for Diamonds
Sifting for Diamonds

How to Dig for Diamonds

The easiest way to dig for diamonds is to use your hands, or a small tool to turn the soil. Then you can simply pick through the loose solid by hand. 

We decided to dig in the soil and screen for diamonds. It was rather simple with the tools we had brought along. We would use our shovel and dig a few inches down into the soil. Next, we would add the soil to our bucket and head to the washing pavilion.

There are two washing pavilions in the field. Here you use the troughs of water to wash away the soil. This is where you must keep a keen eye. You don’t want to miss that once-in-a-lifetime diamond find.

There are numerous minerals found in the Crater of Diamonds. We collected all the rocks that looked interesting. You can take your find to the Discovery Center, and have one of the Rangers identify your treasure. 

Unfortunately, we did not find any diamonds. However, we did leave with some quartz and jasper.

Crater of Diamonds State Park Review

Crater of Diamonds State Park is certainly one of the more unique parks we have visited. In addition to diamond digging, there are a number of other things to do. 

Next to the diamond field, you will find the Diamond Springs Water park. This is a great way to cool off and relax after a day of digging through soil. 

We had a great day of digging and then relaxing by the swimming pool. We highly recommend adding Crater of Diamonds State Park to your to-do list!

Campground Review 

Of course, being RV travelers we stayed at the campground located at Crater of Diamonds. 

The campground offers 47 campsites with 50 amp, water and sewer, and five tent sites with water only. The campground was very well maintained. Our site had a level pad, and plenty of privacy. 

The bathrooms were clean, and also well maintained. This is one State Park we highly recommend visiting with your RV. Who knows maybe you will find a diamond in the rough. 


If visiting the Crater of Diamonds it is important to set proper expectations. We had images that we were going to strike it rich strolling around the park picking up all the diamonds just lying around everywhere. This unfortunately was not the case. However, on average, more than 600 diamonds are found each year.

This is a great stop and a top-rated State Park. We had a great day sifting through mud hoping to find the diamond in the rough. 

Of course, we highly recommended getting a camping site and visiting for a few days. 

Our stop at Crater of Diamonds was a part of our Grand Canyon N.P, cross-country journey. We were so happy to have been able to spend a few days at this unique park.

We love to hear from our followers. Please leave a comment below. 

Have you ever visited Crater od Diamonds State Park? Were you lucky enough to find a diamond? Do you have more to add about Crater of Diamonds? 

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