Cross-Country Rv Trip | Cape Cod to Grand Canyon N.P.

Cape Cod to the Grand Canyon N.P.

Marcus and Bryce On South Rim of the Grand Canyon
Marcus and Bryce On South Rim of the Grand Canyon

Weekend getaways are a great way we enjoy or Rv. However, there’s nothing quite like taking a cross-country road trip in an Rv. As a result, RVing across America is a one-of-a-kind experience you and your family are sure not never to forget.

A cross-country RV trip is no simple feat. Although traveling by RV may be more enjoyable than stopping in a hotel room, unpacking, and repacking your bags every time you stop, it still takes some considerable planning. Some Rv enthusiasts enjoy just hitting the road, and making plans while traveling. It is important to plan your trip ahead of time, especially with kids

When traveling with kids we believe it is important that the campgrounds are kid-friendly, and have plenty to do especially after a long day of driving. If taking a two or three-week trip cross country it is also important to think of things such as laundry facilities, grocery shopping, and things to do.

Our Itinerary 

This page includes our round trip itinerary from Cape Cod to the Grand Canyon National Park. Therefore we have included reviews of all the campgrounds we stayed at and the National Parks we visited. Hopefully, this can help other families as they plan their cross-country rv trip.

Our Route From Cape Cod to the Grand Canyon

The National Parks

During the spring of 2017 our son, Bryce had earned the National Parks Every Kid Outdoors Pass. As a result, we decided to use this pass and visit the Grand Canyon National park. Fearing this would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity we tried to pack it full of National Park sites and new adventures. This led to our first cross-country rv trip and the beginning of a whole new style of travel for us. On August 2nd, 2017 we embarked on a three-week road trip across America

This trip would cover 5,015 miles in a 21 day period. No question this is a lot of ground to cover in a short period of time. Some days we filled with hours and hours of driving, and other days were filled with new adventures. Many of the long travel, days are well above what many would consider enjoyable. Our pace could also be described as frenetic. However, we still have to work and wanted to maximize our Rv time while our kids are young. Fortunately, we are able to hit the road for 21 days in the summer and made the best of it.

The Junior Ranger Program 

Learning about the Junior Ranger Program forever changed how we travel. In fact, can read more about the National Parks Every Kid Outdoors Pass on our Junior Ranger Program blog post.

Some Memorable Moments Along the Way

Eating breakfast with Elvis and BB King

A hot day digging for diamonds at Crater of Diamonds State Park, Arkansas 

Can never forget Marcus eating his first jalapeno at the Big Texan after spray painting a few Cadillacs

Standing in four different states at the same time at the Four Corners Monument.

Hiking down and having lunch in the Grand Canyon 

Zion River Resort is one of our favorite Rv parks in the U.S. and a deserted ghost town nearby. 

A great Jr Ranger program at Bryce Canyon National Park

Exploring an abandoned ghost town in Utah.

Witnessing a total solar eclipse in a Wal- Mart parking lot 

We love to hear from our followers. Please leave a comment below. 

Have you traveled cross country? Have you ever visited the Grand Canyon? Do you have any tips regarding either one? 

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Cape Cod to Grand Canyon Itinerary and Reviews 

Cross Country Trip Home Page 

Day 1 – 764 Miles – Fort Chiswell Rv Park VA. 

Day 2 – 345 Miles – Nashville East KOA TN. 

Day 3 – 480 Miles – Crater of Diamonds State Park AR

Day 5 – 562 Miles – Big Texan Rv Ranch TX

Day 7 – 425 Miles – USA Rv Ranch NM 

Day 8 – 257 Miles – Grand Canyon National Park  AZ

Day 12 – 325 Miles – Zion N.P. | Zion River Rv Resort  UT

Day 14 – 73 Miles – Bryce Canyon N.P. UT

Day 16 – 554 Miles – Dakota Ridge Rv Park CO 

Day 17 – 300 Miles – Blue Heron Campground NE | A Total Solar Eclipse

Day 18 – 738 Miles – Indiana Dunes N.P. IN 

Day 20 – 403 Miles – Sparrow Family Campground  PA

Day 21 – Home 

Memorable Stops

Breakfast with Elvis and BB King

Four Corners Monument

Grafton Ghost Town | Utah

Trip Totals

21 Days 

4 National Parks – 1 State Park

19 States

5,915 Miles

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